My wife and I met at a memorial service of 16 thousand people. But of all those people, we ended up in line next to each other. Having my own little family makes me a happy man.

Some of the core values of my business are... - Honesty - Hard Work - Gratefulness - Philanthropist
When you book Miguel Garcia Studios, I want you to feel proud. Booking and investing in your most precious memories is no small decision. So get excited for a fun and memorable experience. My goal is to provide a top-notch experience for you and your loved ones on your momentous day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Miguel Garcia Studios special? Why should I invest in your services?

I believe in capturing precious moments in a unique and personal style for each and every couple I serve. When you book me, you’re investing in someone that truly loves what they do. I create beautiful imagery that speaks for itself. I strive for an authentic and video that shares your story.

How much will I be investing in your services?

Most couples invest in a 8hr day. This package includes a Highlight edit, Full Ceremony, and Toasts.

Do you film destination events?

I am based in Pasadena, CA but have a love of travel. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii, Mexico, Northern California, and Palm Springs. Filming in destinations that are special to our couples make the films I create even more unique.

Do you film elopements?

I love capturing the intimacy of an elopement! Since these smaller and personal ceremonies are very different from a traditional wedding day, we offer a special package just for elopements. Email me the details and I’ll be happy to speak with you further.

We’re ready to book you! What do we do next?

If you haven’t already, please fill out the contact form. Then if I am available for your desired date, we’ll meet-up and discuss your relationship and wedding through Skype or in person. I’ll send you your contract and invoice so you can take care of it all from the comfort of your home.

We’d love to meet you! How can we make this possible?

One of my favorite parts about being a business owner and owning my studio is the freedom to meet new people and hear where their love story begins. I’d love to jump on Skype to hear all about how your relationship began and who won over who. I am available to meet in person during the "off-season" which is December-May.

What do we need to provide you before our event?

We will simply need a detailed timeline one week prior to the big day. I understand the importance and strive in making the process as stress free as possible.

Do I need to provide any equipment for your team before the wedding?

I bring all equipment needed in capturing your day.

When do you arrive and depart from my event?

We aim to arrive as early as we can but we’ll take your timeline and prep time into account to make sure we capture everything we need for your perfect film before departing. Typically we start 2-3 hours before the ceremony and end 15-30min after open dancing begins.

Will you be directing and instructing us throughout the day while filming?

We want you to look back at these memories and feel you’re present and authentic. Our style is to capture your day organically. We may occasionally ask you to move to a different area of a room with better light but we make sure to film your day in the most genuine possible.

Your films have a lot of dialogue while other videographers don’t use as much spoken word, will we need to prepare what we say?

We’re glad you noticed this difference in our films. We believe that your words share your story, as much as your visuals, so we add dialogue to your film. Including heartfelt speeches, letters that you write to each other and read out loud, your vows during the ceremony, and other sound heard throughout the day is key to telling not only the story of your relationship but bring you back to your special day years later.

How long does it take to receive our completed film?

There are multiple factors that contribute to the time it takes to edit your custom film, because we strive to provide each couple with a one-of-a-kind film that reflects who they are. It will be outlined in your contract but the average time to receive your film is 6-12 weeks depending on the time of year.

Do you charge overtime if filming takes longer than 8 hours?

When requested at your event, each additional hour is $450 and payment is needed upon request. If you request overtime hours before your event, you will only be charged $300 for each additional hour.

Will you be working alongside my hired photographer?

Some of my best friends in the industry are wedding photographers. When we all can work together seamlessly to capture your day, everyone wins.

Can we choose the music used in our film?

We use a few high-quality resources and can provide you with those if you absolutely want to choose some options for your film. However, we find that trusting in our studio to pick the best music for the tone and style of your movie works best, both for the timeline and for your peace-of-mind. You can be comfortable in knowing we will choose something you absolutely love.

Do you offer longer edits of my film?

Yes we do! We’ll outline the options available to you when building your perfect package, including 15 minute features, 45-60 minute documentary-style edits, and raw footage. If this is something you’re interested in, simply let me know and I’ll share all a la carte and add on pricing with you.

How will I receive my finished film?

To ensure you get the best product from us, we deliver your finished wedding day video on a flash drive. Not only does this method retain the quality of your finished product, you also can easily view your new memories on your computer, television, and favorite tablet.